SCADA for Manufacturing Process of Welded Pipes

Project Summary

SCADA system that monitors the forming process of welded steel pipes. Uses a server-client architecture. Developed in C#.

  • OS: Windows
  • Databases: SQL 2008 R2
  • Languages: C#
  • Tools used: WCF, Kepware Server, SQL


Production of welded pipes begins with coiled skelp of the required width and thickness for the size and weight of pipe to be made. Successive coils of steel are welded end to end to form an endless ribbon of steel. The coiled steel is then fed into a roll leveler and then into the forming rolls which shape the skelp into an oval. The edges of the skelp are then firmly pressed together by welding rolls to obtain a forged weld. The heat of the skelp, combined with the pressure exerted by the rolls form the weld.


The system uses a Server – Client architecture. The handling of coils is controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The SCADA system is continuously reading data from PLC using OPC, which involves deep knowledge of COM / DCOM Microsoft technologies. This acquisition process lives in a server, and was implemented using WCF .NET in C#, most of it using unsafe code to guarantee a good performance. The low level communication with PLC is directly done through a C++ COM Library OPC compliant, this library exposes C# friendly methods so it can be invoked and used in C# processes. The client implements a WCF client that receives events from the server.