SCADA for Rotary Furnace

Project Summary

SCADA system used to supervise the steel billet heating process in a rotary furnace. Developed in QNX using C.The system has the following features:

  • - Alarms the user when the billets are close to exceed the planned permanence time.
  • - Keeps track of the different steel batches inside the furnace. Each batch is represented using a color palette.
  • - Shows real time temperatures for each one of the zones that compose the furnace.
  • - Keeps a real time counter of the pieces inside the furnace.
  • - Shows product information for each batch inside the furnace.

  • OS: QNX
  • Databases: Sybase
  • Languages: C
  • Tools used: Phindows, wcc, SQL


Seamless pipe is produced by piercing a solid billet of deoxidized and conditioned steel. Each one of the billets must be properly prepared and heated to the proper temperature. To achieve the optimum temperature the billets are inserted in a big rotary furnace where they reach 1500 ┬░Celsius.

The Challenge

The time frame for this project was very tight. My lack of experience with Modbus devices made things a little more challenging than expected.