RF Transmitting Board using nRF2401

Project Summary

This Transmitting Board (TB) is basically a RF transceiver controlled by a PIC16F628. The transceiver used in the TB is the Nordic nRF2401, a low power, low cost, RF transceiver that has Cyclic Redundant Check (CRC) hardware, a standard method for error checking and correction in data communication and First Input First Output (FIFO) buffers for both Transmitting and Receiving.

  • OS: Linux
  • Languages: C
  • Tools used: PIC programmer, Eagle PCB Designer

The Challenge

During the implementation phase we encountered challenging tasks. Since this Integrated Circuit (IC) was new in the market at implementation time there was no source code available to aid the implementation of the control software. We therefore wrote the code from scratch, making debugging a painful task. Another problem that we faced was the hardware implementation. Since even the transceiver’s package is new (QFN24), a homemade PCB was required. One of the images shows the homemade PCB with the nRF2401 already soldered.